Most Asked Questions
In here you shall find answers to your common questions and those that you may have in mind that are not too common.

We are one of the biggest supporters of Blockchain Technology, that we promote and introduce the technology to SMEs up to the major corporations globally. We provide total solutions from ground up for companies who want to integrate the technology within their company operations. We connect development provider companies with companies who need the technology applied to optimize their operations and maximise the advantages of blockchain technology.

The main person in charge is Mr. Michael Sanders. He is the director of the company Services Limited.

Aside from Mr. Sanders, we have 3 personnel in charge of the support system and 1 person in charge of the technical aspect of the platform.

We employ in-house crypto traders who have been with us even before we started our operation through this website. There are also another 5 freelance sales people assigned in finding leads.

Yes. Our company is registered in the United Kingdom with certificate number 12580263.

Aside from capitalization requirement in order to fulfill our projects when we secure one, we enable ourselves to let other people in on the venture by letting them partake in capitalizing in each opportunity.

We know that it is such a difficult task to find and locate an online company which would give you peace of mind and security, and that is what and why we are here providing this opportunity to everyone.

The platform only requires that you use a valid e-mail address, a unique password of course, and a unique username. You may also want to remember your "secret answer" to the "secret question" you select from the registration page.

No, you do not need to fill up all the payment information fields on the registration page, you can fill up all the payment method types that you plan to use. If you have accounts for all the payment methods then feel free to fill them up on the registration page or after registration by editing your profile.

For this, you will need the assistance of our support team, so please contact us for doing this. We will require verification of your account before proceeding in editing your e-mail address.

Once the payment method type has been filled up, you can no longer edit it yourself. You will once again, require our assistant in editing these fields.

Each user can register only up to 3 accounts for valid purposes and reasons only. Please read our terms and conditions page about this.

Yes, you are free to access your account from anywhere in the world. .

The minimum deposit is different for each plan. Our 3% daily for 45 days require a minimum of $25.00, the 125% after 35 days require only $10.00 minimum and so does our third plan which is the 0.75% daily for every business day for 20 business days.

The 30% daily for 6 days plan runs for a duration of 6 calendar days, which means that you will receive credits to your account for 30% of each of your deposit in this plan, for 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. The total return for this plan is 180% where 80% is the net profit.

The 31% Hourly For 5 Hours plan runs for a total duration of 5 hours where weekends and holidays are counted and the credit to your account is a one time amount of 151% of each of your deposit to this plan. With the net profit being 51%.

The third plan which is the 200% after 1 business days, only credits you with a daily profit of 100% of each of your deposit in this plan during business days or from Monday to Friday only. The principal deposit is then returned after the completion of the plan which is a total 28 number of actual days (with the weekends counted on the duration).

The accepted payment methods on our platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Payeer and Perfect Money.

Perfect Money and Payeer deposits are credited immediately to your account after completing the transaction from the deposit page.

Cryptocurrency transactions for deposits need more time than the 2 mentioned above. They all require at least 3 blockchain confirmations before they are then added to your active deposits list. Please see our terms and conditions page for reference.

When you make a deposit transaction via cryptocurrency, the amount instructed on the deposit confirmation page for cryptocurrency deposits, is based on the real-time USD prices of the cryptocurrency you selected at the time of the transaction was initiated, however, when the 3rd confirmation, the value may fluctuate lower or higher. This in turn, may make the USD value of the transfer you made, lower than the minimum deposit. Therefore the amount gets added to your account balance.

To resolve this issue, we suggest that when you are instructed on the deposit confirmation page to send a specific amount in the cryptocurrency amount, that you send more than the one instructed. This is only applicable to anyone depositing the minimum amount for each plan.

It is a normal occurence that deposits may not get added to your account due to several circumstances and reasons. Sometimes it is a miscommunication between our server and the payment method processing server, so if this is the case, please bring the incident to our attention and we will check it out for you and add it to your account manually.

We will only add the missing deposit after at least 3 to 5 hours from the time of deposit because the deposit may only have been delayed, which happens from time to time.

Yes you can indeed make many deposit transactions in a single plan. You can also make deposit transactions in all of the plans. Your access to that is not limited to a number of transactions. There is no limit here.

Each and every deposit transactions is posted on our website database with it's own start and end date, therefore earnings will be credited to your account on different times of the day.

If you have the minimum for the plan you want to make a deposit transaction to, you can do this. Follow the steps just like making a new deposit and select the payment method type you have the balance in in the deposit page.

Withdrawal requests are allowed when your balance on any payment method is at least $0.50 when it is Perfect Money or Payeer and then $2.50 when it is in cryptocurrency.

We do not process withdrawals instantly, but we are usually quick in processing requests. Each withdrawal request may be processed from 30 minutes up to 36 hours from the time you submitted the request from your account.

No. We do not have a fee for this transaction. In fact we do not charge any fees for any of the services we provide. We also cover the fees for sending cryptocurrencies and that of Perfect Money. Payeer has their own fee structure and that is one thing we cannot dictate. With regards to Payeer payments, we just process the amount as it is and if Payeer charges the account a receiving fee then that is Payeer's rules.

The transactions we send out as payments are shown in the blockchain public ledger and this serves as the solid proof that we sent out the payment. If this does not appear in your respective wallet, please ensure that you followed the protocol or conditions of your wallet provider.

We have 3 levels of referral network. 1st level referrals give you 7% commission, 2nd level referrals or those referred by your 1st level referrals give you 2% commission and lastly the 3rd level which is self explanatory by now, will give you 1% commission .

No you actually do not need an active deposit to earn this commission. The fact that you signed up for an account already, qualifies you with the same benefits as those with active deposits in our platform. You can earn up to 3 levels deep.

Yes, as long as you have the minimum amount in a single payment method type then you can do so. Everything that is in your balance can be used to make a deposit transaction from it.

If you are the downline, then you can request your upline to be updated before you make a deposit. For the first instance that this happens and you already made a deposit, we will make an exception and allow you to do so. Contact us to do this.